Experienced Financial Controller


Our candidate is experienced financial controller who is interested in working with business's on short term contracts to facilitate change in their work place.

They have worked in various industries from Manufacturing to IT.

A proven talented lateral thinker who can identify simple implementable change paths for major commercial effect.

General Management (People Focus)
• Focused Objective setting
• Methodology for speedy implementation
• Critical staff Team building
• Presentation
• Delivery of results
• How to add 5% sales value to the bottom line of every organization.

Finance Management (People Focus)
• Timeliness/ Accuracy.
• Reporting structure
• Listening
• Attitude building
• Cash management including investment banking
• Audit and legal interfacing
• Board Reporting
• Working Capital Management
• Making a dollar work for the organization.

Manufacturing Management (People Focus)
• Management of inputs and outputs.
• The significance of IT
• Smart Labour Management.
• Cost Reduction programs
• Preventative Maintenance

IT Management (People Focus)
• Clear Objective setting
• Systems structure
• Common Sense
• Buy it out of a box and don’t develop it.

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