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Water Filtration Installation Technician

Hamilton Full Time

You do not have to have a trade qualification to fulfil the requirements of this position as full training is given.

What you do need though is a positive can-do attitude and genuine desire to perform all job tasks consistently, accurately and reliably.

If you:
• Enjoy turning out high quality work
• Have an eye for detail
• Leave your workspace in pristine condition
• Work to reduce waste
• Finish when and only when the job is done
• Live to learn
then this job is right for you.

Once fully trained most days you will arrive in the morning, check your days run sheet, stock your vehicle and be on the road.

Other days may see you working in the shop assisting customers or handling receipt or dispatch of goods from the warehouse.

Either way, no 2 days are the same.

All this and just 35 hours per week. Sound good to you??

Please note we are looking for applicants who are either NZ residents or hold a valid NZ work visa. A Preemployment Drug screen along with Ministry of Justice and ACC checks will be conducted on all applicants who attend face to face interviews.

Reference: OLCWater

Contact Owen Lee-Cusack
Phone +64 7 834 0973
Mobile 021 365 154


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