Pastoral Care
Here at Success Group, we believe in supporting our workers in a holistic and practical way.

Success Group recognises that life does not run as smoothly as we would like at times. These “road bumps” can occasionally affect the way we perform in the workplace. This can lead to additional stress between you and the people you work alongside. Left long enough, may cause more serious consequences for you and or your whanau. One of the ways Success Group can support you is through a check-in system from our Pastoral Care Consultant where you can discuss these “road bumps” and how together you may find a solution to overcome them.
These “road bumps” can include the likes of:
  • Budgeting/financial strains
  • Government and or access to community assistance
  • Childcare options
  • Obtaining a NZ Drivers licence and or professional lessons
  • Housing concerns
  • Navigation to health and wellbeing services
  • Adjusting to a new way of life
Through this work, our Pastoral Care Consultant are in regular contact with you, however, the frequency depends on your need for support but is always FREE, CONFIDENTIAL AND PRACTICAL assistance and information that works for both you and/your whanau.

If you would like to know more about Pastoral Care, please contact us today.