Property Drug Testing

It is everywhere!

Your goal when you invested in your property was to either get a weekly returned rent or a capital gain on the value, or both. Meth represents a risk to these sources of income. But just like asbestos, you can’t smell Meth, and you cant see it. Its use in your investment property represents a medical risk to those entering the property, and the financial risk to you.

There are three main reasons why as a landlord or an agent you need to have regular Meth testing done.

When you’re buying a house to ensure that it isn’t already contaminated At the end of the tenancy to check the house is clean for the next tenant Throughout the tenancy to minimise the risk of contamination happening or detecting it early, which reduces the cost of clean up.

Your Rental - Your Assest

One of the worst fears when owning a rental property with regard to the subject of Meth is not knowing. By using our service, you can remove this nagging doubt allowing you to take action if needed and have peace of mind if all is clear.

Meth contamination is rising, it spans all levels of society from those on social welfare right up to professional grade tenants. As the owner of the property you may be liable not only for the cost of cleaning up your property to make it habitable again, but also medical expenses for those who enter property that is contaminated.
Property Drug Testing
The clean-up costs of Meth contamination can run into many thousands of dollars, not just involving cleaning the property, but also often involves redecoration depending on the level of contamination.

Unfortunately, even though people use it at home, effects last a long time and can influence their activities in the workplace. As an employer this represents a clear and present danger to the staff taking drugs, those around them might become innocent victims, and your business itself as a result of lost productivity, accidental damage, or contamination.

As a property owner, you have a duty of care to provide a clean and safe workplace for your employees. Meth contamination is as likely at the workplace of a user as it is in their home.

If you need assistance with this aspect of Meth control, please feel free to contact our HR specialist at Success Group. Graham Rodgers, 0212857776