All About Annual Closedowns

Annual close downs are a customary practice for companies and must take place once a year. For most companies this occurs over the Christmas/Holiday period and often requires employees to take annual leave or in some cases unpaid time off. If a close down is occurring, it is mandatory that the employer gives all employees 14 days’ notice to ensure they are not breaching the Holidays Act.

These annual closedowns can affect the entire workplace or just parts of an organisation. For example, the head office of a fashion retailer may shut down however all retail stores and online dispatching will remain operating on usual business hours due to the high demand at that time of year.

By law there is no minimum or maximum period for a closedown however most companies commence this over the Christmas period and have it last between 2-4 weeks long depending on the nature of the business.

For many businesses this is their busiest time of year therefore this annual closedown is very industry dependent. The Hospitality and Retail industries rely on this time of year to generate most of their annual revenue.

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