Benefits of International Recruitment

International recruitment is becoming a common recruitment process for many companies who are facing skill shortages. This is especially relevant in the construction and civil trades industries due to the increasing demand for experienced workers.

Increased Talent Pool

There are many benefits that come with recruiting overseas workers. By having access to a larger talent pool, the productivity and quality of your workforce is likely to increase. Because you are not restricting recruitment to just one country and culture you will have access to highly skilled workers. This gives you the opportunity to cut costs in training as they can step straight into job.

Increased Networking Opportunities

By expanding your recruitment on an international scale, it opens you up too many networking opportunities that may add value to your company. Your international workers may be able to source further talent to help fill skill shortages or create an overall awareness of your business through word of mouth in a global setting.

Diversity is Key

Diverse workplaces are key to establishing a productive workforce. By mixing a range of cultures and experience backgrounds together new initiatives and skills are contributed to the job allowing tasks to be completed in a more effective manner. It allows fresh perspectives to challenge traditional processes which is essential for company growth.


Many of our international workers come from less developed countries and experience lower standards of living. When they come to New Zealand, we offer them appropriate working hours and the opportunity to earn a fair living wage. These workers often have very strong work ethics out of habit and are extremely punctual with the jobs we place them. This is due to their sole purpose of being here is to work and to make an adequate income.

Pastoral Care

At The Success Group we offer Pastoral Care for all of our international workers from the minute they enter the country to the minute they leave. Our international team work to ensure everything from visas, to job placements to housing and out of work support is covered.

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