Making your CV Stand Out in 2020

With 2020 well underway you may be considering a change of career. Making sure your CV is up to date and well formatted is the first step to making your next move. Essentially your CV is the first impression you will leave on a potential employer, so it is important you do it right. Follow these tips to make sure your CV is employer ready!

Personal Summary

Begin with writing a couple of brief sentences stating who you are, what experience you have and what kind of work you are interested in. This gives the potential employer an initial introduction to you and will grab their attention enough to read on.

Listing your Work Experience

List your work experience starting with your most recent employer. Bullet point key tasks you performed in your previous roles and how they might be relevant to the job you are applying for. A key tip is to read through the job description and emphasis any key skills they are looking for that you may have experience in.

Qualifications and Awards

A good way to strengthen your CV is to include any qualifications you may hold. This may be a course you have completed or a specific endorsement you hold that will give you that extra advantage over other candidates. This also reflects that you are committed to learning and upskilling in your career which is admirable to employers.


Make sure you include at least two referees that your potential employer can contact to request information about you. These references can often be the difference between you getting a job or not. By them reflecting on your work ethic and performance in your previous jobs it will reassure the potential employer that you are a suitable candidate.

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