Motivating Temporary Employees

The demand for temporary employees is becoming increasingly evident as it is recognised as a beneficial agreement for both employers and employees. This is apparent especially in construction and civil sites due to the fluctuating demand all year round. It may be for one off jobs for a specific project, seasonal work or fixed term agreements that will assist in meeting any short term or long terms goals.

Because of the casual nature of temporary employment this in turn may affect the motivation and commitment levels of the employee resulting in absenteeism and poor work ethic. As an employer it is your responsibility to capitalise on the full potential of all temporary employees regardless of how long they are working for you. Here are some effective strategies on how to motivate temporary employees, to showcase their unique skills and add value to your business.

Inducting and On-boarding

Most businesses only conduct full inductions for their permanent full-time staff. Establishing an induction program for temporary staff is an affect way to allow them to settle in well and get excited for the work they are going to be doing. This gives you the opportunity to set the expectations and introduce them to the key staff members they will be reporting to. Inducting is also a strong health and safety practice especially for businesses that require the use of heavy machinery.

Goal Setting

Ensure you explain to your temporary employees how their work is contributing to the business. Setting clear deadlines and appropriate goals is a strong motivator for employees to work harder and faster knowing what they are doing is valued.

Be Inclusive

Making sure your temporary employees feel included is an important aspect to creating a productive workforce. Involving them in regular team meetings, group conversations during lunch breaks and asking for their opinion on work matters are all small gestures that will spark motivation and allow them to feel apart of a team.

Looking for Temporary Staff?

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