Qualities Employers look for in Star Tradies

Looking to stand out from the crowd? Skilled Tradies are in high demand and we are here to advise you of some of the top qualities and skills employers look for when recruiting for their workforce. If you are looking to build a successful career in your trade be sure to work on developing the following qualities to separate you from the rest.

Strong Initiative

One of the most desired qualities an employer looks for in an employee is the ability to act on problems using their initiative. There will be times where a supervisor or site manager is not close by and will require you to come up with quick solutions. By reflecting this quality, it proves to your employer that you can be trusted to work independently and have the confidence to act on issues effectively.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are essential in any trades job. You will often be working in a team environment therefore having the skills to effectively communicate with those around you and inform them of issues or safety hazards is crucial. Strong communication increases the overall productivity and quality of work.


No two days are the same in a trade’s workplace. You must be able to adapt to the constantly changing work environments and be a quick learner. You may face challenges you’ve never experienced before and learning how to overcome these and perform to a high standard in all projects is an essential skill to being successful in your trade.

Customer Service Skills

Being able to manage and communicate with customers is essential. With many trades roles you will be required to meet customer demands. Having the ability to deal with different personalities and work to the wants and needs of customers will allow you to be successful in your role and reputable in your trade. This will result in positive word of mouth and potential growth of business.

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