Stay Safe at Work this Summer

With the rapidly increasing temperatures New Zealand has been facing in the past couple of weeks it is an important reminder for both employers and employees to implement the necessary actions to ensure they are protected from the heat.

Although Summer is the best and busiest time of the year for outdoor labouring jobs, it possesses a high risk for the employee’s health by working long hours under the sun. Workers on construction sites receive 5-10 times more UV exposure than those who work indoors every year therefore increasing the risk of skin cancer which is extremely common due to New Zealand’s extreme climate.

Dehydration is one of the most common risks workers face when working long hours in the sun. It is important your body intakes at least 8 glasses of water a day and frequently. If you are working off site in an area where water is not easily accessible you must plan accordingly and bring large water canisters to ensure all workers are accounted for, for the whole working day.

Sun protection gear is essential. Although workers in most labouring jobs will be wearing hard hats these do not protect their full face. Fitting workers hard hats with wide brims is an effective way to cover those easily exposed areas. Keeping your skin covered throughout the day with breathable yet protective clothing is important and of course applying waterproof SPF30 sun block to areas that are exposed is a must.
The team at The Success Group work to ensure all our workers are safe and protected in any work site they enter and will work with you to ensure you have the necessary gear to protect you this summer.

If you are interested in a construction or labouring job register today and we will find something suited to your skills and experience