Staying Motivated to get Qualified

Staying motivated to finish your apprenticeship can be challenging, but in the grand scheme of things that short period of time spent obtaining those transferable skills and knowledge is going to be a huge advantage moving forward in your career. Upon completion you can enjoy the flexibility and opportunities presented to you as a qualified “Tradie” which often includes an increased pay rate.

Having more qualifications/endorsements to your name will give you access to a larger pool of jobs and make you more desirable to employers and recruitment agencies. Showing you have sat through theory and practical courses to obtain your qualification also reflects to employers that you have discipline and motivation to perform well in a working environment. These are all reasons why staying motivated in your apprenticeship is important.

Creating a strong relationship with your supervisor or employer is essential to your success and can also determine how quickly you can get through your apprenticeship. The progression of your apprenticeship is dependent on the amount of time your supervisor is willing to invest in training and helping you develop the skills you need to complete your qualification. Being punctual, having a positive attitude and applying common sense to your daily tasks are qualities employers will recognise as worthwhile their time.

Many people go into an apprentice trade because they want to be in a career that is very hands on and practical as opposed to a "desk job". However, when you are in training there are aspects of theory throughout the course that you must complete in order to obtain your qualification. This is something many people fall behind in and struggle to complete. It is important to communicate with your employer and allocate time to your theory work each week to ensure it is getting done.

It is ok to ask for help. Being an apprentice gives you the perfect opportunity to ask as many questions as you need to gain clarity. Reach out to support systems close to you whether that be your friends who work in a similar environment who may being completing or have completed their apprenticeship of a similar trade or your supervisor on the job. That is what they are there for.

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