The Importance of ConstructSafe Testing

ConstructSafe testing is essential to ensure the competency and safety awareness of all workers before entering a construction and infrastructure work environment. As of 2017 ConstructSafe became a mandatory requirement for all NZTA sites and has been enforced by a number of local bodies and authorities. This testing method provides employers with a transparent way to independently assess the competency of any worker allowing them to confidently place them on site knowing that they met the health and safety benchmark.

The ConstructSafe testing itself is conducted through an interactive online platform. You will be presented with 50 questions covering the significant high-risk areas of the construction industry. This is a closed book test and no assisted will be offered throughout the duration of the test. Those who successfully complete their test will receive their Tier 1 Certificate and will be issued their ConstructSafe card proving they have the adequate skills and knowledge to safely perform work on a construction site.

How Can Success Group Help?
The Success Group is an accredited testing centre for New Zealand Safety Councils ConstructSafe scheme. We offer a computer-based test that comprises of 50 questions selected at random from a database of 300. The test is the same for both the horizontal and the vertical construction sectors. We have a mobile facility available for your convenience therefore assessments may be carried out either at our premises or your workplace.

For more information on our Constructsafe Testing services please give us a call today on 07 834 0973